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Terms of Service


Please read carefully to understand how we intend to work with you to offer the very best. Select the corresponding tab to view the term as required for that service offering. You are also free to contact us for clarifications.




At ONEPLUS RESOURCE, we believe in having a long lasting relationship hence we aim at providing exceptional services in a manner that will be of mutual benefits to both our agency and clients.


As a result we have prepared our service offering terms to effectively build a wholesome and long lasting relationship with our clients.


Our Value for Integrity

We are an agency that has been doing business within the legal framework of Nigeria for a period of eight year and as a result we value our business integrity built thus far. In lieu of this, we will not engage in any form of business transactions that we deem to be fraudulent.


In the case of entering into such as a result of deception and/or ignorance of any form, such service offering will be suspended, investigated and terminated if found to fall short of our integrity tests. Service termination will be without any form of payment refunds to such agencies/individuals.


In the case of acts of fraud and/or integrity compromise by any member of our team independently or in connivance with any agency/individuals, we will follow the processes as earlier mentioned within the preceding paragraph to this.


In case you have doubt about the genuine nature of any business instrument that bears ONEPLUS RESOURCE, please send us a mail to: contact@oprng.com or contact@oneplusresource.com. You can also call us on: +234 (0) 804 ONE PLUS (663 7587) or +234 (0) 704 056 5152. Failure to contact us in a bid to verify such materials absolves us from any loss incurred by acts of fraud made by any agencies/individuals under false representation of ONEPLUS RESOURCE.


We will also report such agencies/individuals to the appropriate authorities via the various channels at our disposal.


Privacy protection of our Clients

At ONEPLUS RESOURCE, We value our clients’ privacy and as a result we engage in a non-disclosure/confidentiality term of service with our clients. We will not at any point disclose sensitive information of our clients to a third party without an express authorisation from such client.


In order to further protect our clients’ interests, we will not respond to any query as regards our client from any individual(s) from our clients’ organisation without a documented authorisation from the contact person within such organisation.


We also will not disclose clients’ sensitive details with a member of our agency’s team that is:

i. Not a fulltime staff of ONEPLUS RESOURCE.

ii. Not on the project team of such clients’ project.

iii. Working on the clients’ project but is not a senior official of ONEPLUS RESOURCE.


Payments & Renewals

In a bid to make payments for our services easy and seamless, we have created multiple payment channels available to our esteemed clients.


We are not liable for any payments made to any of our associates outside the channels we have made available on our website or via our official email addresses (with the domains: @oprng.com and @oneplusresource.com).


In case you suspect fraudulent payment requests, please send us a mail to: payments@oprng.com or payments@oneplusresource.com. You can also call us on: +234 (0) 804 ONE PLUS (663 7587) or +234 (0) 704 056 5152.


Please find below our payment channels. We hope to add more as soon as possible.


Clients in Nigeria only (This does not qualify you for discounts)

Clients in Nigeria only (You get discounts when you use this platform)

Clients who want to pay in multiple currencies (You get discounts when you use this platform)

Clients in Europe and USA only (You get discounts when you use this platform)





At Oneplus Resource, every of our clients’ website(s) may be hosted as follows:


1. Hosting on our plan that has an unlimited bandwidth. Though our email space is unlimited, we reserve the decretory rights to allocate email space as indicated on our pricing. This plan comes at no extra charge for any package selected.


2. Purchasing an exclusive hosting plan for our clients’ website. This option is available to clients that prefer we purchase a hosting plan for their website. It should however be noted that this plan is restricted in bandwidth and clients can only have one website on the purchased hosting plan. Purchasing this plan does not come at an extra cost as well.


3. Clients can decide to purchase a hosting plan while we develop and setup clients’ website. Purchasing your personal hosting MAY have an effect on our pricing.


Irrespective any of the plans listed above, every client will pay the yearly fee as indicated on each package. For every client who prefers we set up their website while they manage after project completion, these yearly fees are not applicable.


Project Lifecycle

Overall, we have a design and develop period of between five and twenty working day. The delivery period is however determined by the prompt response from our clients in the making available of clients’ profiles and resourceful aids for the industry.


We also are not ignorant of having to spend more time in the development of certain websites that require some special features, hence we may request for an extension in the process of web design and development. However, we always thrive not to extend twenty work days.


For websites hosted by our clients, we are not responsible of any alterations made by a third party while we are still either developing or managing a client. Any unauthorised alterations will attract a fee as deemed fit by ONEPLUS RESOURCE.


After initial view of the website, the client is expected to in turn send in comments as regards errors and comments within a period of five days (Non-working days included). Upon attending to all pending issues as indicated by the client, the project is deemed complete. Our team will also contact clients to remind them to send in their comments. We will assume a website to be completed after the expiration period without getting a feedback from clients.


Payments & Renewals

Upon completion of website design and development, and invoice for payment balance (in the case of part payment made from any of our plans/special quote websites) will be sent with clients having the option to pay via any of our multiple channels.


Invoice sent is expected to be attended to by clients within a period of five days (Non-working days included). For every unattended invoice after the said period (five days), our team will still endeavour to reach out to clients for finally reminder after which website may be pulled down pending when clients make full payment.


Clients should please note that an invoice default fee may be paid by the clients subject to the discretion of ONEPLUS RESOURCE’s management.


Clients’ websites that will be managed by our team are expected to pay a yearly renewal fee as indicated on our pricing schedule. Payment invoice and reminder of same will be forwarded to such client at least fifteen days prior to the expiration of website’s domain and/hosting plan.


Failure of clients to pay within the period will result in service termination at the expiration of the service calendar.





Management of social media profile for first time client starts after we have full access to clients’ social media profile intended to be managed. This implies that we will not charge client from the day payment for our service was made.


Our calculation for a month begins on the said date of social profiles’ access and ends on the date prior to that said date of the next month. A typical month is therefore indicated as 23rd of March – 22nd of April.


It should be noted that in case any shortfall in the total posts expected by us on clients social handles (howbeit a rare phenomenon) will overlap into the end date. Hence we will provide those post even if service start - end is already elapsed.


Payments & Renewals

Our payment terms are based on duration of intended service and the antecedence of the client. New clients are required to make full payments prior to commencement of service.


Clients that have been on our service listing without defaulting in renewal payment when due consistently for a period of six months will have the opportunity to pay for our service in two instalments as agreed by ONEPLUS RESOURCE and such client. The said flexibility in payment will however NOT be in excess of the second week of the service month.


For clients that intend to employ our services for a period exceeding six months, a flexible payment plan will be agreed upon by both parties under a term to be prepared by our team.


Our invoice will be prepared and sent at least seven days before service expiration of our clients (Non-working days included). Failure to acknowledge and respond to our correspondence within the earlier mentioned period will result to service termination at the end of such service.




Terms for application approval

Every prospective associate will have their application reviewed by our associate registration team. Qualified applicants will have a brief interaction with a member of our team.


All approved applicants are expected to upload full proof of identification which will be verified before they become an associate with ONEPLUS RESOURCE.


Fraud and Integrity

Over the years, we have been able to build a strong reputation that is founded on integrity. We have never been known for any form of fraud therefore all associate must be rich in character and integrity.


Any act of fraud by any associate will result in immediate termination of the agreement with such associate. The associate will be black listed and never accepted into our associate programme for a minimum duration of two year. Such associate may be considered for our associate programme after the said period.


Please revert to our article on our value for integrity as it remains valid within the context of this article.


We also reserve the right to terminate associates’ contracts purely on discretion as regards integrity compromise from such associate(s).


Payments and Remunerations

Associates remuneration will be compiled and processed on a monthly basis. We will ensure to make pay-outs available to all associates within the framework of the very best and easy structures for our associates.


Associate payment slips will be prepared and sent to associates prior to their payment disbursal. Our remunerations are from 10% to 25%; subject to associates’ level on our ranking and based on the service that was marketed.


Please find below current payment methods available at the moment. We are currently working to provide more payment channels.


Available in Nigeria Only

International Associates

International Associates

Any Associate with a Payoneer Account


Marketing Associates (MA)

They are individuals/agencies who are willing to market our products and services from anywhere in the world. We will constantly work with such individuals/agencies to ensure that prospects are converted to clients.


Once a MA identifies a prospect, you will be required to send us the full details of such prospect for us to prepare and mail a custom based proposal to such prospect.


Every mail will be sent from our custom email; however with the associate’s name as sender. Associates can thereafter follow through with the proposal.


Associates are not required to send emails to clients and prospects alike via their personal emails. All email must be channelled via our official email channel. We however will never send emails to clients brought in by our associates without putting such associate in Carbon copy.


It should also be noted that MA will be paid as long as their clients do business with us.


Our team will be available 24/7 to assist associates in ensuring that they effectively represent the ideals of ONEPLUS RESOURCE and also make sure the efforts of our associates translate to sealed deals.


Web Design and Development Associates (WDDA)

They are individuals/agencies who are willing to take some of our web design projects and develop our websites overall templates for us.


For every website we intend employing our WDDA, we will send a project brief with price attached to such project to all WDDA. WDDA are required to send in the proposed designs within 72 hours of getting our official brief. Shortlisted WDDA will be contacted on further details on the said project.


Remuneration of WDDA will be based on your level within our internal ranking system (which is determined by such WDDA consistency and quality of previous jobs done on our platform thus far.


It should also be noted that unlike our MA, WDDA are paid just once that is at the end of the projects’ completion month. However, for WDDA that are contacted to manage clients’ website (as in the case of dynamic websites and blogs), such associates will be paid as long as such websites are been managed.


WDDA can also decide to earn as both MA and WDDA: all they are require is to follow the process listed in for our MA.